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Since 1975

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We Repair and Recane Furniture & Antiques with:

Wood Repairs

We Repair & Do

In Tigard / Portland, Oregon, Near Washington Square.

New – Old – Vintage – Antique.

Wood Repairs

How do you fix wood chairs?

How do you repair wood chairs?

There are about as many kinds of wood repairs as there are kinds of furniture! We do re-gluing of chairs which we will be doing some type of re-weaving on. We can replace dowels and do other minor wood repairs. We do not consider ourselves to be a full service wood repair shop or a “Furniture Refinisher”. However, we are very glad to recommend other refinishers we know of in the area for refinishing your item.

One of our more fun wood repairs was giving this fine hand carved wooden horse a new ear… This was a very satisfying job for us… Hopefully, it was for the horse too, we did not hear any complaints from him!


Dog / Cat Pet Damage

Pets help us out a lot, cats, dogs, parrots, ferrets. Cats are especially good for our business! Below is a rush chair seat that was shipped to us from Las Vegas, Nevada. Their new puppy decided to customize the seat for its owner. We were able to of course re-rush the seat, then fill-in and touch up the wood on the corner of the seat.

We understand this kind of damage as our own new puppy, Lucky Bear has done some similar work for us!

“Lucky now recommends Raw Hide Bones for chewing instead of Furniture!”

Since 1975

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We repair and recane a wide variety of furniture & antiques.
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