A Cane Wood and Wicker Fixer

by Randy S Keeling

New ● Old ● Vintage ● Antique

Call me at ~ 503-684-5760
11740 SW Gallo, Tigard, Oregon (Near Portland) 97223
In the Incredible Fabulous Pacific Northwest, USA

Below is a list of our most common jobs. If your piece doesn’t fall under a listed catagory, or you’re not sure,
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Since 1975

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We Repair and Recane Furniture & Antiques with:

  • Cane, Caned Seats and Backs, Re-Cane Chairs With Caning
  • Fiber Rush
  • Danish Cord String Weaves – a 3 ply twisted rope material
  • Rawhide – Leather Strip Seat Weaving
  • Splint
  • Wicker and Rattan Repairs
  • Wrap Joints with Rattan Wrapping and other woven materials
  • We Even Recane Canoe Seats!
  • Minor Wood Repairs and re-gluing


“Sitting through it? I’ll re-do it!”


Since 1975

A Cane, Wood, & Wicker Fixer is dedicated to providing the best caning, rush, rattan wrapping, splint, danish cord, & rawhide furniture repair service!

I have been doing this work since 1975! Growing up working in my family’s wicker and furniture store, in Southern California, we sold many different raw supplies for people to fix their own furniture.

When I was 22, I bought a set of pressback antique oak press cane dining room chairs, needing to be re-caned. I figured now I would see if I knew what I was talking about to customers with regards to how to do these repairs with the materials we sold… Turned out I like the process of re-caning chairs and working with my hands a lot more than working in the retail business world! So when people asked where they could have their chairs recaned or fixed, I said “I can do it for you…!”

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For years I continued running both the store during the day, and doing my repair service at night. I eventually left the retail store in 1988, and opened my first repair shop in Orange, California. I then did repairs to cane wicker and rattan furniture full time and the business grew quite rapidly. After 2 years of it though, I decided Southern California was too sunny and crowded for me. I thought about Las Vegas, Nevada, but TOO HOT! Idaho TOO much winter. Wyoming and Montana just seemed a little too far removed for me! Finally I decided and moved to Tigard (Portland) Oregon in 1990. Here all these years later – I am still caning chairs and fixing wicker!

This site was created to:

Provide a way to showcase the different types of work I do, learn about what I do, see what the various forms of work I do are called, see pictures of what my work looks like, and get an idea about how your piece of furniture might be able to look again!

Thank you, Randy

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We repair and recane a wide variety of furniture & antiques.
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